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Man in Madrid: Ozil, Wenger, Madrid and Stupid Football

September 4, 2013

Tottenham-Hotspur-v-Sunderland-Premier-League-1899080The long transfer saga is over and it just doesn’t make any sense.
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Moments in Football

August 14, 2013

Following on from our article about football and art, here is more of Richard Swarbrick and his Fantasista animations:

Keep Calm and Ignore the BBC

August 2, 2013

b007t9y1The BBC have reduced Mark Lawrenson’s screen time in a bid to improve the quality of it’s football coverage. Unfortunately, they have also given a radio show to Ian Wright. Back to where we started so. Read more…

Waterford United Football Club: 1930-?

July 29, 2013


Today, Waterford United were lucky to escape being issued with a winding up order following a case between the club and former manager, Stephen Henderson wherea deal was struck between both parties. The club owedHenderson some €70,000, made up of money owed due to his winning of an unfair dismissal case and the awarding to Henderson of legal fees. Last weekend the club made an offer to Henderson of €50,000 which he rejected meaning that today’s High Court hearing went ahead, but a last minute deal was struck at 2pm. Read more…

Football, Violence and Protest from Istanbul to Rio

June 25, 2013

Football can appear to take on much too much importance in people’s lives at times. It can seem as if it matters more than pretty well anything else on earth to some. Football too has the potential (which it frequently and consistently achieves) to be a conservative, socially negative, regressive force in society – often it is far from the people’s game. But in recent times, as civil disobedience on a huge scale has presented itself in Turkey and Brazil, in one instance football played a positive role through the combination of various footballing groups against a heavy-handed police force and in the other, was the focus of many people’s ire, costing Brazil (and by that read its most vulnerable) more money at a time when it has slowing economic growth. Read more…

Man in Madrid: Red cards at night, Atletico’s delight

May 18, 2013

1368835953-club-atletico-de-madrid-celebrates-after-winning-the-copa-del-rey_2062572What a night to be in Madrid. The shit quite literally figuratively hit the fan. Ronaldo and Mou, as he is now known, were both given their marching orders as the capital’s second club broke their hoodoo against Real. Read more…

Spot the Difference with Joey Barton

May 15, 2013

Joey has been mouthing off about Wigan, QPR and everything under the sun but Joey, remember this?

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